MENGIA S.A. offers a wide variety of engineering and construction services using top of the line technologies and machinery in each aspect of a project...

Ultra-modern equipment that includes a 6-axis Waterjet Cutting System with the ability to cut metal up to 220 mm thick!


We offer our customers many options in cutting and shaping materials. We process metals of all kinds (Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Hardox, etc). We use a number of cutting machines which include a 6-Axis Water Jet Cutting Machine, with the ability to cut with precision, materials of up to 30 mm of thickness, plus rotary and angled cutting, and additionally CNC Laser Cutting Machines for simpler projects.


We provide highly accurate measuring and 3D model creation, with our state-of-the-art 3D Arm Scanner – operated by our experience engineers – , which in many cases can be transferred to our client’s site to measure heavy machinery and constructions.


Along with the use of our 3D scanner, we supplement our digitization services by processing the generated models and measurement results and even visualize them for our customer to have a clear view of what the result will be like…


Additionally, we offer the construction of prototypes with the use of our 3d printing system. Have your item printed in 3D for further studying and testing, either in plastic material or in demanding cases in the metal of your choice…


In summary, we can offer a compehensive solution of the design and manufacture or reproduction of any kind of part or component, either is intended to be used as an engine part or any other part of a complex mechanical system…


Our Services range includes Maintenance and Repair services for Engines and Industrial Machinery in general, and specifically Plate Heat Exchangers of all manufacturers, on which we can also provide quality parts.


Our company will also undertake custom projects which might demand a whole new mechanical system design and creation, upgrades, and optimization of current systems and mechanisms, and in general all sorts of engineering intervention, you might need for your equipment…